Hand Dyed Clothing Made with Love Especially for You

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about my shop! I have recently relocated from the beautiful prairie of South Dakota to the gorgeous state of Utah. I split my time between the mountains of the Salt Lake Valley and the awe inspiring desert of Moab, in southeastern Utah. Nature's color inspires some of my best creations! I work from home, and I am filled with gratitude for my love for art and my love of sharing it with others.

I have been creating tie dyes for 13 years. First as gifts for family and friends, and now my shop has expanded as my kids have grown and need funds to support college and their habits: hockey and aerial silks!

My youngest son, Gavin, plays elite level hockey. My youngest daughter, Faith, spends her spare time hanging from silks in her aerial silks class. And my oldest daughter, Justine, is a busy college student.

My kids encourage me for a different reason. They have seen me fight rheumatoid arthritis, and have seen me still love to create. They know that the artist in me has to create, so I create patterns and color combinations, inspired by my love for them.

When my daughter was four, she stacked multiple colored Lego blocks as high as she could reach, and proudly declared it as her “Color Combinations!” She is also an artist, and together, we design, select color combinations and then name the pieces. My “Stained Glass” became Faith’s “Joyful Christmas Sun Dance Tie Dye.”

After many designs and testing, I have designs that I love and am ready to share with the world. Etsy is the perfect place to sell my hand illustrated, unique pieces. Faith continues to help me design and name my pieces…after all, LoveWorks is the perfect combination of late nights and a love for art that continues on through my children! Browse my shop. See if there’s something you like. We’ll make the perfect piece of clothing…just for you!

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